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Venture Building

We scout inventions, craft ideas and guide companies

 to opportunities in the Swiss and European innovation ecosystem.

to SMEs

innovative spin-off

From concept to market

at the disposal of shadow inventions

to Startups

early-stage companies

From concept to market

at the disposal of talented inventors

to Innovation Stakeholders

Incubators, Accelerators, Investors 

From their multiple services

to our start-ups 


to Startups
to SMEs

As Venture Builders, we support start-ups and SMEs spin-off by enhancing their ideas with our resources


We are engaged in the following activities: identifying business ideas, building teams, finding capital, helping to manage ventures and providing shared services.


On one hand, we work with the startup team to improve the effectiveness of management, organisational and institutional operations. On the other hand, we exploit our network by reaching out to experienced entrepreneurs and solid companies to share resources (capital, skills and market experience).

Sporadic Support

One-shot delivery

of one or more services

Temporay Support

Few months of activity management

and strategic company development

Work for Equity


360° support for selected projects

Type of Services

Idea Brain Storming Sessions

Market Analysis

Technical Feasibility Analysis

Business Feasibility Analysis

Business Modeling Activities


Business Strategies

Positioning & MKT Strategies

Communication Strategies

Financial Strategies

Company Valuation


Management Activities

Operational Activities

Relationships with Stakeholders

Funding Opportunities

Grant Opportunities


Co-Founded Ventures

to Innovation Stakeholders

A concrete collaboration with innovation partners (e.g. Incubators, Acceleration Programs, Coaches and Mentors). We support the inventor to execute on innovation stakeholders advices and we keep him/her posted on the opportunities of the ecosystem.


Presentation of  Investment opportunities and deal support for Business Angels, Venture Capitalists & Corporate VCs. 


Open innovation support activities, connecting established companies with startups, which developed a complementary technology giving them the chances to save huge amount of R&D investments.

We are AITI Up! associates, with our Managing Partner,

Giorgia Pati, as Committee Member and Vice-President.

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