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Deadline: 19.12.2022

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A brand new initiative to support

high-potential start-ups


PKB AddVenture Academy is an initiative created by the Swiss private banking group PKB Private Bank in partnership with our innovation boutique.


PKB AddVenture Academy aims to sustain early stage and high potential innovation start-ups. The programme will offer strategic and operational support, including a range of services aimed at:


  • enhancing ideas to cultivate innovation;

  • consolidating team resilience and strengthening risk awareness;

  • introducing a structured approach and appropriate working tools;

  • improving the effectiveness of management and organisational activities;

  • creating a solid basis for building a scalable and successful business;

  • seizing opportunities from local, national and international ecosystems.


As part of the AddVenture Academy, after an initial scouting phase run by Match Strategies, PKB will select by the end of 2022 three early-stage start-ups with an operative base in Ticino. 

Starting in January 2023, each of the three start-ups will receive a 120 hours voucher funded by PKB for support over 6 months provided by the Match Strategies team. This will include a variety of value-add activities, such as day-to-day management coaching and support, access to a broad innovation network, connection to financing opportunities in the Swiss/European innovation ecosystem, support with strategic, business development, finance and marketing topics.


At the end of the 6 months of the Academy, a PKB panel will name the best performing start-up of the program during a dedicated ceremony.


This support is designed to lead the start-ups to achieve tangible and measurable results, in line with the expectations of their sector.

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